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Edition: May 2020
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Tax Teaching in #COVID19
All Law School programs including Masters, JD and Breadth are being delivered online and all staff are working from home. Semester 1 is extended by 1 week to finish on 7 June, with assessment after that date. University library services have moved to virtual delivery. The library is closed and has moved services online; for library assistance see here.
As the crisis unfolds, we are working hard to deliver our full Semester 2, 2020 MLM tax program online, which is only possible due to the extraordinary efforts of our Senior Fellows. Enrolments are open and are filling fast, as many students are keen to continue their studies even during the crisis.
Applications are accepted throughout the year. Visit the website for further information:
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Meet the Tax Group
Mark Burton is Associate Professor at the Law School currently teaching Taxation Law and Policy in the JD program, fully online including by using prerecorded lectures and an online whiteboard with stylus. Mark has worked in the field of taxation law for more than 20 years. Mark completed his PhD at the Australian National University in which he examined the theory, history and practice of interpreting tax legislation. Mark has undertaken consultancies with the Australian Taxation Office and also with the Australian National Audit Office.

Mark is co-author of Understanding Taxation Law 2020 and of Tax Expenditure Management: A Critical Assessment (2013 with Kerrie Sadiq). Recent articles include, ‘Interpreting the Australian Income Tax Definition of 'Ordinary Income': Ritual Incantation or Analysis, when Examines Through the Lens of Early Twentieth Century Linguistic Philosophy?’ (2018) eJournal of Taxation Research.
Associate Professor Mark Burton
And a Small Distraction
The website had provided us with some items to distract, delight and entertain us in this new virtual world. One of them is the Shakespearean Sonnets read by Sir Patrick Stewart of the Royal Shakespeare Company, most well known as Captain Piccard in the Star Trek series. Click on the image below to access the tweets.
Image of Sonnet 27
Dear friends and colleagues,

Since the closure of the Law School building in March, we continue to teach, support our students, research and engage through events and writing on #COVID19 and other tax matters (which have not stopped in the crisis!). The Law School extends our deep gratitude to all of our teachers in the Masters, JD and Breadth who moved teaching online at a moment’s notice, and continue to do so. We look forward to the time when we can meet, talk, learn and teach face to face again. In the meantime, stay safe and well in work and home during this time.
In its massive fiscal response to #COVID19, the federal government has doubled the size of Australia’s welfare state, and increased the size of government by half. In this lunchtime webinar in the MLS Law in the Time of COVID19 series, Professor Miranda Stewart chairs an expert panel including Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute; Paul Tilley, Senior Fellow, MLS and Professor Guyonne Kalb, to discuss what tax and welfare law reform can offer as we desperately seek an economic recovery. 
Money in Jar image
See also Professor Miranda Stewart’s analysis of the fiscal toolkit for #COVID19 in the MLS series Law in the Time of COVID19, in this short video and the Australian Financial Review op-d on the fiscal toolkit, updated in this blog on
Commissioner of State Revenue v Rojoda
MLS Senior Fellow Barry Diamond, currently teaching State Taxes and Duties online, has written an informative blog about the different perspectives on the nature of a partnership interest in Commissioner of State Revenue v Rojoda Pty Ltd. 
Barry Diamond, Senior Fellow
IFA Australia - A Virtual Discussion with David Rosenbloom
In a lively, technical and frank discussion about the US and international tax system post-pandemic, Chloe Burnett of the NSW Bar interviewed Professor David Rosenbloom hosted by IFA Australian Branch and ABL on zoom. The interview is available for viewing free online on the branch website:

Join the IFA Australian branch to learn of forthcoming online international tax panels and discussions in coming months.
Tax Prizes and Awards

Forsyth Pose Scholarship

The scholarship is offered by the Business Law Section for the Law Council of Australia and will be awarded to the writer of a publishable quality paper on a topic of relevance to taxation law practitioners.

Maximum award: $5000
Closing date: 31 Aug 20